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Our Next Seminar
Our Next Seminar

Lady of the Lake
Healing Center, Lake Hughes, California

1A Technology  
Natural Medical Therapy
Medical Therapy
Used in over 200 clinics
Free initial weight loss consult
Low Cost
Highly effective

Also Treating Neurotransmitter Disorders to include:
And many more......
Exceptional results even with difficult cases where prescription medications have not worked.
MD supervised Medical Weight Loss

Do You Suffer from......
Fatigue, Allergies
Headaches/Migraines -
Indigestion - Constipation
Frequent Colds, Flu,
Infections, Chest Pain,
Skin Problems,
Can’t lose the belly?

Find out with a Nutritional Live Blood Analysis
Dr. Tammy K. Brazil, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, ANMA, ANMCAB, Principal Researcher, demonstrates an advanced method of live blood analysis that can reveal otherwise hidden pathologies within the body using single drops of blood. She will show you how to strengthen your immune system through diet and specific nutritional supplements.
"Silent clots" may be detected and thereby reduce your chances against sudden heart attacks and your risk of getting a stroke. Other pathologies, such as yeast infections due to bacteria and parasites are detectable through live blood analysis. Trace minerals and vitamin deficiencies that lead to specific degenerative diseases are also detectable.
Burton Goldberg’s article in the May 2000 issue of "Alternative Medicine", states, "Darkfield Microscopy can identify all the toxins that are at work in the human body years before detrimental symptoms manifest themselves. These non-invasive techniques show which parts and functions of the body are affected, and how to best get rid of these poisons".
This information can change your life for the better.

Lady of the Lake
Healing Center
Dr Tammy K Brazil
43695 Trail E
Lake Hughes, Ca 93532
Call for next seminar date- Limited seating-Refreshments served

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