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Urine Profile
Urine Profile

First morning Random Urine testing


27 Element Panel Aluminum Copper Platinum Antimony Germanium Selenium Arsenic Lead Silver Barium Magnesium Strontium Beryllium Manganese Thallium Boron Mercury Tin Cadmium Molybdenum Uranium Chromium Nickel Vanadium Cobalt Palladium Zinc
Blue highlight indicates toxic elements ,no level is normal or good
TEST Cost ---------------$ 150.oo
Includes Test container full instructions, several page report,written discussion of results,written nutritional recommendations, and and elemental ratio section. Reports can be written in 8 languages [please specify, other than English] plus phone consultaion and recommendations.
Although reports are in 8 languages DR, Brazil speaks only English. Please provide phone interperter if