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Before DR. Tammy K. Brazil,began to study Biological Medicine, she was incredibly ill. Among many things she has been blessed with Lupus [SLE] Graves Disease, Over dosed- Radiated Thyroid-previous extremely large goiter lended to chemical imbalance in her brain,hyper now hypo-thyroid ,Raynaud's Phenomenon,Perthe's Disease, 7 years ago I couldn't hold a glass or walk across the room was hospitalized for months on end.My family was told I would never get any better, only much worse. I now race across the 100 foot driveway chasing my son,and have more energy and staying power than anyone I know-except my kid. I'm 41

* * *because I have been blessed by such trails, I do know extreme pain, depression,enourmous weight gain,and the sound of no-one listening.

With all this, plus all my studies and more to come[PhD] I feel this qualifies me to Empower People to Help Themselves

P.S. am no longer ill, I don't even catch a cold

Payment for consultation:

Currently I take only cash, checks, money orders, chickens,ducks, cows, anything of value that isn't plastic.

[ humor here folks! ]