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Immune System
Immune System

Immune System Enhancement
In the context of EcoBiotic Therapy, we see the classic mechanisms of the immune system as a secondary, or "emergency" system that should only be relied upon when absolutely necessary.

These certainly includes cases of true infection, where a potentially harmful organism has entered from outside of the body. But for our purposes, it especially includes those cases of EcoBiotic imbalance where the gentler, better integrated mechanisms of pleomorphic terrain regulation have become overwhelmed by the development of recycler forms from within the body.

We talk about Immune Modulation, rather than Immune Stimulation, because sometimes, throwing more immune system power at a problem is not helpful. Creating and sustaining immune system responses is very physiologically expensive. The chemistry needed to run these specialized cells draws energy away from other parts of the body, including the nervous system. This is why fatigue and depression are so often associated with chronic activation of the immune system.

In addition, when phagocytic immune system cells are called upon to engulf and kill bacteria, fungi, spores, etc., they create very toxic substances that the body then must "mop up." Our internal cleansing systems can become very stressed, and additional toxins coming from pollutants, food additives, allopathic drugs, and many other sources, can be the straw that breaks the camel's back. The Cytochrome P450 and Glutathione Reductase pathways are particularly important clean-up agents, and when they are overused, oxidative stress builds up in the body, sapping energy, damaging cells through unchecked free radical activity, and inclining the terrain towards the support of pathogenic, disease causes microbes.

Finally, the result of all this immune system activity is a bunch of dead stuff that must, through the lymphatic system, be scavenged, broken down, and excreted. The more the lymphatic system is busy processing wastes, the less able it is to bring fresh, immune competent cells and supporting chemistry to the places where it's needed. Constant acute activity distracts from the background surveillance of incipient problems, including the formation of small tumors and other disregulated cells.

What we prefer, in most cases, is to help the immune system work "smarter" rather than just "harder," by using specialized strategies to help focus the immune system on specific tasks, rather than just throwing more "untrained troops" onto the battlefield. Specific immune modulators include Bacterial Phase remedies from Sanum and SanPharma, herbal, homeopathic, and other natural immunological remedies, as well as Idiotype Analog therapies that mimic various pathogenic organisms and focus the body's attention on specific challenges.

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