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The EcoScope Ultra
DIAD Compliant Precision Microscope System from Natural Philosophy

Optical System Features
Research grade microscope system
Precision calibrated coaxial X-Y stage
150W halogen fiber optic illuminator with electronically variable output
Optional 250W halogen illuminator upgrade
Oil immersion mirror darkfield condenser
Trinocular head with integral magnification changer (1.1x, 1.6x, 2.5x)
One pair 10x widefield eyepieces
Standard planachromat objectives: 2.5x, 10x, 40x
Standard optical magnification range: 27.5x to 640x at fine resolution, 1000x maximum
Optional planachromat objectives: 60x dry, 50x and 100x oil immersion with iris diaphragm
Optional optical magnification range: Up to 1600x at fine resolution, 2500x maximum
Video camera optical relay adapter
Color CCD video camera, 410K pixels, 480 line resolution, 1/3" CCD, Y/C & composite (BNC)

Computer System Features
Intel Pentium III at 833MHz PC-133
128K L-2 integrated cache
128MB PC-133 SDRAM expandable to 512MB or more
40GB Ultra-ATA/66 hard drive, 7200RPM, 2MB cache
CD-RW optical disk drive for digital image and video storage
Optional second CD drive, either DVD or high speed CD-ROM
High performance Y/C (S-Video) and BNC Composite video interface with real-time display (full screen or scaled to any size), integral still frame and digital video capture (hardware MPEG 2 compression), plus Y/C and RCA Composite video and stereo audio output
Standard 17" high resolution computer monitor (1024 x 768 x 16/24 bit)