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A Test for Mercury
A Test For Mercury
Do you Need Your Amalgam Removed?

A test for Mercury and other toxic in mouth leaching metals
Saliva Sampling Procedure
Dental amalgams can contain mercury and other harmful metals. These metals can leach or leak out of the fillings over time.
The concentration of the metals is highly variable and is dependent upon the preparation of the amalgam. The saliva metals test is designed to evaluate the person's exposure to these metals through leakage from the amalgam facilitated by chewing. After chewing for ten minutes a leakage level is calculated. By factoring person's dietary habits with the results of the analysis, the therapist can determine individual amount of exposure, and if there is a need for amalgam removal.
Materials needed: Saliva Sampling Kit. Call email to request.
I) The person should abstain from eating and drinking for a period of two hours before collecting the sample. 2) Collect specimen # I prior to chewing gum in the test kit. Be sure to use Specimen Container # 1.
3) The patient should chew the gum provided with the test kit for ten minutes. Collect specimen #2 during that time. Be careful none of the saliva is swallowed. All of the saliva is needed for an accurate measurement of metals concentration. Be sure to use Specimen Container #2.
4) Write date, person's name, sex and age on labels. 5) Send to the address included.
Saliva Profile 29 element panel Cost $ 120.00-------------------------------------------------
An internationally recognized laboratory does this test .They are members of American College of Pathologists, American Chemical Society, Physicians for Social Responsibility
When you in fact decide to remove your amalgam. Caution must be exercised. You must go to a trusted dentist, and certain guidelines must be followed. Such as you must be fitted with a dental dam to prevent any materials from going down your throat. The whole procedure will be a topic in a future dr newsletter.
Of course once removed you're not done either, then you must remove the deposited methyl mercury- that has become lodged in the tissues, Also, it has a particular affinity for the nervous system & brain. Not good.
So once started on this mission you do have some work to do. But.. in every case I have heard everyone benefited in a major way in the removal of amalgam & the chelation process afterward.

note chelation process can be done ORAL as well as intravenous.
If you have already had your amalgam removed -please contact for advice-on where to go from here.
Saliva Profile 29 element cost $ 120.oo
list of elements tested
Aluminum Antimony Arsenic Barium Beryllium Cadmium Chromium Cobalt Copper Gallium Germanium Lead Magnesium Manganese Mercury Molybdenum Nickel Palladium Platinum Rubidium Selenium Silver Strontium Thallium Tin Uranium Vanadium Zinc Zirconium
please include the following information with your payment
name address telephone number age weight height all symptoms smoke
the test will take aprox.2- 3 weeks....Dr. Brazil will review the results & send them to you. You may then call & discuss her recommendations.